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Water Flowing Out Pipe

HVAC or water problems?

Do you have an HVAC or plumbing code review comment?
Do you have a building that is too hot or too cold?
Do you need a solution fast?

I get it. 


You are in need of a qualified engineer to provide a quick HVAC solution.

I've created HVAC design solutions for over 20 years.  I've helped government, institutional, and private building owners with HVAC design solutions, both big and small.  

Consulting with Purpose

I’m a passionate engineer with a curiosity to identify the needs and challenges my clients face.  I know that roadblocks are part of every journey, so I embrace them, and I work through them with vision, capability, adaptability, and scalability. For years I’ve been working with clients in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.


Get in touch today to talk about your current project. 

Stephanie Mages, PE, LEED AP

Principal Engineer 

Compass Rose Consultants LLC a Women Owned Small Business (WOSB)


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